Brains are not good memorizers. We are!

It's a way to fix in your mind what you just read, thus avoiding the inevitable forgetting of much of what was read. Simple, intuitive and focused on its proposal.

Although the name sounds like aggressive, Readers Against Brain is tool/concept that makes able your reads are more consistent and regular, helping you to deal with the fact much of what we read will be forgotten due to a natural process of our brain.

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Private Summaries

All the summaries are protected and exclusive from who write them.

Track your Progress

See how your progress is through some metrics available in your account!

Easy to Use

It built with a clean layout, as simple as possible and focused only on what matters!

How it Works

1. Register a Book

Register the book(s) you are currently reading and give some data so we can help you!

2. Write Summaries

Always when you stop reading, write a summary about what you just learned.

3. Beat your Brain

Your brain will not help you to remember all you read, so you'll have available all the summaries whenever you need!



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