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Reading is not a habit from everyone and this shouldn't be seen as a problem, but there are a lot of people around the world that would like to read regularly and they don't find a way to do this yet.

Besides that, it's not so easy to remember everything that you've read. Most of the time you remember only the context and some parts that really interested you. This happening because we forget all other things we read and this is a natural behavior from our brain in order for us don't have an overload of information.

In order to deal better with this, Readers Against Brain was built through the concept of writing summaries from what you read. These summaries will help you to fix in your mind the content you've read and help you directly to deal with forgetting problems since you'll have access to the summaries whenever you want.

So if you are trying to create the reading habit or if you already have this habit and would like to improve your reads, join us!

Brains are not good memorizers. We are!

It's a way to fix in your mind what you just read, thus avoiding the inevitable forgetting of much of what was read. Simple, intuitive and focused on its proposal.

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